2017 Update

Reading the below text blob in 2017, I think it deserves an update. I have been working for a few years now (more than 6). I have worked across multiple teams at Microsoft, from Windows to Azure to Skype and learnt a lot in my quest to understand technology and this sector better.

In my current role, I am a Program Manager at the Azure Marketplace Team. I get to decide how to make the lives of our Microsoft partners simpler and easier when they want to publish a virtual machine or any other offering on Microsoft Azure. Its a challenging job which I enjoy a lot. I have a great set of peers who make going to office a blast everyday and together we hope to rewrite some computing history.

Old Entry

A little info about me, i was born and brought up in New Delhi. As a young boy, I had an uncanny affinity for anything computers. Most of my school life at Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai was spent in computer labs and in computer competitions held across Delhi. Seriously, if a teacher wouldn’t find me in class, she would know where to find me.

The good thing about that was that i got to go to a lot of different schools and interact with a lot of likeminded techies. You name a prominent Delhi school, and i have probably been there for a competition. Also I was fairly successful in these symposiums so that was an added bonus. These are probably the days I remember the most, we had FORCE which was our computer clan(group) , we used to go-to all these different competitions , used to stay back in these schools till night and used to win big. Each symposium used to be like a grand celebration of our techieness (is that even a real word :P).

Some of my fondest memories are of Accesses at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, DPS Vasant Kunj with its Code Wars, DPS RKP with its Exuns and the Dominos Pizza it used to have and Dynamix at Ramjas . I remember winning the overall runner’s up trophy by myself in 2005 at Dynamix, I won the gaming there in an ultra close match, that was fun. Also organising the Force Fests at our very own Apeejay School was a blast, made a lot of good friends through FORCE. I handled the quizzing and programming competitions there for the majority of the time I was there. In my final school year , I was the president of the society and helped in the bigger scheme of things also. I also returned to school in 2008 to help in the organisation of the Fest.

Some online links that are still online to verify my so called claims 😛 , I got an email asking me to verify at-least one claim above, Here is a link to the Dynamix 2005 Blog Entry mentioning that I won the overall trophy by myself, It also feels nice when people remember you for the stuff you did, here is Ankur’s post about my blog and here is a link to CODE 2005, which was incidentally my last CODE at Apeejay School Noida. The last link is a testament to the fact that my surname spellings are very prone to mistake, I am referred to as Ankit Sud and Ankit Sood on the same page 🙂

I did my UG studies from NSIT, Delhi University and surprisingly did pretty well in my academics topping a few semesters here and there too (last 3 out of 4 to be precise :)).

As far as my interests go, i love quizzing (especially the tech and business kind), formula one, making websites, debating with smart friends about stuff that matters etc.

I also believe in being a good citizen, I follow rules, I vote (ALWAYS) and I try to take care of my duties as a citizen. You should too.